About us

Schoolified was started in 2021 during the COVID pandemic by a small group of tech savvy dads who were increasingly frustrated by the lack of engaging and productive interactions between their children and teachers during these challenging times. Despite the dedication and efforts of these teachers, the poor quality of the tools available to educators was resulting in learning losses, inefficiency and frustration for students, parents and teachers. During this time, served by years of experience in education and technology, they decided to take the matter in their own hands.

They started Schoolified, a fully integrated interactive learning platform specifically designed for tutors and teachers, reducing administrative time to zero and offering a rich engaging learning experience to up to 10 students at the time served by a single tutor.They witnessed the incredible impact that a passionate educator could have on any student when provided with easy to use and powerful tools.

What started as a DIY project to support their own children in their constrained interaction with their teachers has now become a powerful solution used by the most innovative, entrepreneur and successful tutors who have a passion to change the life of many students while making a comfortable living.