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Online tutor testimony from Katie. What I love about Schoolified is their commitment to the best possible experience for students and teachers. They know what is going to impact student learning, and they have built it into the platform. As a teacher, the days of wondering if your students are following along on the lesson are gone! You can see them working and give the immediate, personalized feedback teachers know is necessary to make big gains. As a math teacher, I am excited to be able to see all of my student’s processes—not just their answers—and be able to give them the support just like I could do if I were in front of them. I am confident that teachers, students and families are going to be thrilled with working on Schoolified.
Online tutor testimony from Tori. What I love most about Schoolified is how it gives me the ability to provide world-class instruction to a small group of students from the convenience of my iPad. I’m able to deliver engaging lessons, monitor each students’ individual work simultaneously and redirect distracted students all it once.   Schoolified has truly enabled me to replicate the best components of face-to-face teaching in a virtual environment. It’s the best of both worlds for an educator!Online tutor testimony from Laurel. I am impressed with how Schoolified can help us with group  teaching, by keeping the students on task and visually helping them with these problems. I look forward to using it for  groups and 1 on 1's.