All features in one place

Showcase your talent

Personalize your profile, post a video, improve SEO, and create engagement with parents in order to book your first course.

✔︎ Biography
✔ Introduction video
✔ Subjects teached
✔ Grade levels
✔ Years of experience
✔ Credentials & awards

Build your tutoring environment image.

Manage your business tools all in one place

Organize your schedule, manage bookings and payments, and send messages to parents directly on Schoolified.

✔︎ Google calendar
✔ Free consultations
✔ Stripe payments
✔ Chat with parents & students

Manage your tutoring business tools all in one place.

Deliver like you would in-person

Control the flow of your lesson, monitor student attention, keep them focused, personalize instruction in breakout rooms.

✔︎ Attention monitoring
✔ Notifications
✔ Drop-in mode
✔ Grid view of the class
✔ Edit students’ document
✔︎ Raise hand & need help

Teach online classes, like in person, image.

Enhance learning with a suit of integrated teaching tools

Whiteboard, screen sharing, formative assessment, and virtual locker are available to you during class to improve your teaching.

✔︎ Whiteboard
✔ Attach files
✔ Screen sharing
✔ Live tests & quizzes
✔︎ Assignments

Enhance learning with a suit of integrated teaching tools.

Move from 1-on-1 to groups

Increase your revenue and cut costs for parents by providing group lessons. We are here to help you get there!

✔︎ Up-to 10 students classes
✔ Collaborative whiteboard
✔ Group discussion
✔ Mute / unmute student
✔ Grid view of entire class
✔︎ Attention tracking

Move from one-on-one to groups image.

Open a tutoring center

Evolve from a one person jack-of-all-trades business to the CEO of your own tutoring company.

✔︎ School subscription
✔ Multiple tutor accounts
✔ Team schedules

Open a tutoring center image.